Pod Point home charger included in VWFS Fleet lease deals


Customers leasing an electric vehicle through Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet (VWFS Fleet) can now get a Pod Point charging solution at home as part of their lease cost, thanks to a new partnership between the two companies.

Tom Brewer, Head of Sales and Marketing at VWFS Fleet, commented: “With the increasing development of electric vehicles, charging was always going to be the next big challenge. We’re keen to support the industry and education around EV is the key. Not everyone will be a good fit for EV, but for those who are, it’s crucial to have a home charging solution. We can offer these charge points and installation as part of the cost of the lease, making the shift to EV as smooth as possible.”

Erik Fairbairn, Pod Point CEO and Founder, said: “This is a landmark partnership that will deliver home charging to VWFS’s customers in the most straightforward, efficient way. Drivers will benefit from Pod Point’s easy-to-use smart chargepoints along with our app, which allows drivers to track their charging activity at home and en-route.”