Fleet Management


As one of the UK’s leading fuel and EV payment companies, Allstar’s suite of solutions support the changing needs of fleets.

Licence Check Ltd

DAVIS offers a flexible driver and vehicle risk management platform which automates essential processes and provides all the fleet insight you need.

SYNETIQ Ltd. (an IAA company)

SYNETIQ Ltd., an IAA, Inc. company (NYSE: IAA)is the UK’s largest integrated vehicle salvage, dismantling and recycling company.

Go Plant Fleet Services

With more than 40 years industry experience and expertise, Go Plant Fleet Services is the UK’s leading provider of fleet management solutions.

Lex Autolease

Lex Autolease is the UK’s leading vehicle management and funding specialist. We have in excess of 300,000 vehicles currently under management, making us the UK's largest leasing company.

Chevin Fleet Solutions

Chevin’s leading fleet management software, FleetWave, helps measure and reduce fleet costs, improve operational efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure compliance & risk requirements are met.


GreenCARE is Alphabet’s comprehensive online reporting, analysis and modelling tool designed to help customers reduce their CO2 emissions