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Here at ChargedEV, we supply, install and maintain electric vehicle charging points for both domestic and commercial customers.

The importance of smart, safe, & affordable electric vehicle charging solutions

The importance of smart, safe, & affordable electric vehicle charging solutions.


TRAILAR dedicates itself to creating innovative transport solutions, to reduce the environmental impact of commercial vehicles across the globe.

Fully Charged

Fully Charged are electric bike specialists. We offer the world’s best eBikes within a 2-floor experience centre in Central London.

The Award Winning Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu only make commercial vehicles. A range of pick-ups that are tough, strong and built to go the distance.

Getting the best out of Big Data

Telematics can provide a vast array of vehicle and driver data to fleet managers.

Business travel down and EVs on the rise: it could be an interesting road ahead

According to the ‘British Business and Mobility Study’ by Sewells, the UK could see a 25 per cent reduction in both business travel and commuting.

Electrification Of Fleets: Charging And It’s Challenges

The Electric Vehicle market is growing at a previously unprecedented rate. Between 2013 and 2015, National Grid consistently said there would be around 5 million EVs on UK roads by 2035.

LoCITY, London and beyond….

January. The month of broken new years resolutions and the pitfalls of a post-Xmas diet!

The Award Winning Isuzu D-Max

At Isuzu, we focus on proper pick-ups which means we’re much better at meeting customers specific pick-up needs.

Ireland’s Dipetane Revolution is making its way across the Irish Sea

Ireland’s Dipetane Revolution is making its way across the Irish Sea, as more UK-based mechanics learn about the trusted secret ingredient of their Irish counterparts.

D&H Direct

D&H Direct are leading suppliers of Tanks and Pumps to the Haulage and Agricultural Industries.


There are lots of reasons to consider an electric vehicle – not least the ever-improving range and infrastructure, plus tax breaks and cost savings.

It’s time to give CNG a chance

Jon has more than 20 years’ experience in the fleet and leasing industry, and became Divisional Managing Director of Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Solutions in 2006.

The spirit of invention is alive and well at Daimler Fleet Management

Daimler Fleet Management (DFM) is challenging the conventional approach to fleet management – and it’s doing so with considerable success.