Plug-in hybrids help Symphony reduce emissions by 43%


Symphony, manufacturers of fitted kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture, has reduced its car fleet carbon emissions by 43% through the introduction of plug-in hybrid vehicles into its fleet.    
Symphony’s fleet partner, JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions (VLS) used car tax software to model the whole of life cost method to reflect the true costs to Symphony. This, combined with tax benefits and fuel costs, enabled JCT600 to create a new choice list across all grades, offering multiple plug-in options per band at no extra cost.
In addition to saving more than 43% on its carbon emissions so far, it also resulted in a more premium choice of vehicle, significant tax savings for employees and a much better social position on its carbon footprint.
Justin Ball, Key Account Manager at JCT600 VLS, said: “As part of ongoing consultancy with our customers, we continually review the market and their business objectives to ensure they have the best solutions for them and their fleet. Symphony, like many businesses, had reservations on how an EV fleet could work, however, by working in partnership we were able to work through any challenges and the results speak for themselves with an incredible 43% reduction in carbon emissions so far.  
“Whilst an all-EV fleet may be on the horizon, it’s not right for all fleets right now. Government incentives and infrastructure investment, along with more vehicle availability, is certainly making the transition much easier for fleets to start considering the move.”  
JCT600 VLS has worked with Symphony as a long-standing partner for over 20 years, providing funding and vehicle management for its fleet of more than 320 vehicles.  
John Dunsford, Group Finance Director at Symphony, said: “Symphony is committed to having a strong EV offering within our car fleet. JCT600 VLS, as a long-standing partner, has provided us with clear advice and support in managing this transition.”  
Since implementing its new choice list, Symphony has ordered 58 vehicles of which 55% have been a PHEV. The order bank for both the PHEVs and diesel vehicles has a combined co2 average of 71g/km. This is 43% lower than the current fleet average, which stands at 125 g/km.
The new choice list was launched in April 2021, and it is estimated around 85% of Symphony’s fleet will be plug-in within two years.