Europcar provides vehicles for urgent medical deliveries


Europcar Mobility Group UK is providing emergency vehicles to LifeSavers Scotland, a volunteer run charity supporting the NHS in Scotland

Europcar Mobility Group UK responded to a plea for help on social media from East Kilbride based charity LifeSavers Scotland, providing free of charge vehicles to help meet the increased demand for their services.

The non-profit making charity, which is entirely run by volunteers, provides out-of-hours emergency transport services to NHS Scotland, delivering medical supplies and emergency equipment to hospitals and patients.     

Gary Smith, Managing Director, Europcar Mobility Group UK stated, “Europcar Mobility Group UK launched the "Together" programme in March to support the mobility of workers in emergency service sectors in light of the COVID-19 crisis. So when the call for help came from LifeSavers Scotland, we were only too pleased to help out.  We a proud to be aligning ourselves with such admirable causes at this challenging time.”

Jim Harley, Chairman of LifeSavers Scotland added “Lifesavers volunteers are happy to help our NHS as we have done for the last 7 years. With the help of Europcar Mobility Group UK we have been able to expand operations and continue to make a difference at this very difficult time. We have up scaled before, but these are unprecedented times and it wouldn't have been possible without companies like Europcar Mobility Group UK. We would like to thank the Europcar Mobility Group UK team who have worked to provide this support for the NHS and the Scottish community.”