GreenFleet 100 Most Influential 2020


Despite a year of political and economic uncertainty, the fleet, transport and automotive sectors have forged ahead and achieved remarkable reductions in harmful emissions. This is thanks to the dedication and hard work of individuals that have driven change.
The GreenFleet 100 Most Influential list is a chance to appreciate this excellent work and look back at the people that have shaped the zero and low-carbon fleet industry over the past year.
This year we have taken out government ministers; while they may be the ones setting policy changes, it is how the industry reacts to such changes that should be recognised and applauded.
When compiling the list, we once again wished we could go beyond one hundred, so vast was the amount of people dedicated to environmentally-friendly transport.
There are a number of new entrants on the list, which has meant some considerable movement. Many of the new entrants are award-winners from the 2019 GreenFleet Awards.
There is also a handful more energy providers on the list, with many working in partnership with manufacturers, charge point providers and end-users to complete the green transport cycle.    
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