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Whilst diesel was still being advocated by governments, Driveline were already researching, developing and engineering processes to address the issues soon to be revealed to us all that diesel does indeed produce gases and particulates harmful to human health and the environment as a whole.

Concurrently, diesel vehicle manufacturers developed Euro 4 & 5 which saw improvements to diesel exhaust systems but not without their maintenance problems. The environmental lobby, quite rightly, demanded more and Euro 6 was introduced. However, it became apparent that whilst the added Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) was very effective in reducing particulate matter (PM) it did cause blocking issues for vehicles, particularly those with low duty schedules of stop start traffic.

As a result, the Driveline cleaning process was brought to market. Based on diagnostics and laser technology it completely removes the build up of soot and ash in the DPF, whilst retaining its catalytic integrity and restoring vehicle performance.

Added to this, all aspects of exhaust issues were also addressed avoiding expensive OEM replacements of SCRT’s DOC’s DPF’s EGR Valves and clamp & gasket kits. Driveline (previously DPF Deepclean) became firmly established with a customer base of many UK blue chip companies.

Customer demand brought the need for expansion in recent years. We have 12 depots across the UK and Europe. All are thriving having already developed a strong reputation within the transport, NRMM, and stationary power sectors.

Our depots allow us to aim for the next day's return of your DPFs. In 2023, the UK depots returned 69.1% of basic DPF cleans the next day, and 44.7% of refurbishments were returned within 2 days.

Our unique 10-point process ensures we can offer our services and products with a 1-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

  • DPF Cleaning
  • EGR Cleaning
  • Exhaust refurbishment
  • Boss replacements
  • DPF/DOC/SCR replacement
  • Flexi replacement
  • Fuel tank repairs
  • And much more….

We have had a lot of customers recently come to us after speaking with OEMs, where they stated a new system is required. Our experts found that replacements were available, more than halving the cost of a new system.

Why not give our national call centre a call on 0330 055 2206 and find how quick, and how much you could save?

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