Electrifying last mile deliveries – let the experts take care of the complexities

Company Focus

Is your business looking to electrify its last mile delivery fleet?

It’s important to cast your focus beyond just the vehicles.

As fleet managers look to achieve impressive electrification objectives and install EV charging infrastructure for their fleets, they may face a problem: the challenge of power availability. EVs use a lot of energy, and introducing EVs to a depot’s fleet will increase power usage via the charge points that keep them on the road. Without a true understanding of the power availability at a depot and the costs of any required grid upgrades, the roll-out of last mile EV delivery fleets could be delayed. Putting the time in early can save time and money, and help fleet managers meet their electrification goals on time.

Where will the power to charge your new vehicles come from?

Start with an analytical approach to the charging infrastructure, deducing how much power is required and where it will come from. A site only has a restricted amount of electricity available, and fleet managers must understand how much power they’re already using to see if they have enough left from their grid connection for their charge points. EV charging providers conduct site surveys to gain an understanding of what power is currently available for their charge points, and whether a grid connection is necessary.

If these investigations highlight a site’s current power connection will not be enough to support the number of chargers required to support your fleet, fleet managers need to factor a connection upgrade into the project. Load balancing technology, which fairly distributes the available power across multiple vehicles, is a cost-effective option if power availability is a concern and budgets are tight. 

Where should fleet managers start with electrifying their fleets?

Mer’s interactive webinar on May 15th will give fleet managers an insight into electrifying their last mile vehicles with reliable, future-fit EV charging infrastructure. As well as discussing best practise examples of companies who are already leading the change with their electric fleet, the panel will take questions from the floor. 

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