Next government urged to focus on reducing road fatalities


The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) has coordinated a manifesto calling for immediate action to address the persistent issue of road fatalities and serious injuries in the UK.

Four strategic priorities have been set out, including the introduction of graduated driver licensing.

They also suggest developing a national road safety strategy, establishing a road safety investigation branch and adopting advanced vehicle safety regulations.

Every day, five people die on UK roads, with more than 30,000 individuals killed or seriously injured annually, amounting to a societal and economic cost of approximately £43.5 billion each year.

PACTS is urging the incoming government to prioritise these strategies within the first 100 days of office to ensure the UK meets international road safety targets and sets a global standard in protecting its citizens.

They said the manifesto is a "unifying call from the road safety community to all political candidates."