Fuel shortage sparks rising interest in electric vehicles


The fuel shortage is inspiring UK drivers to make the switch to electric cars according to Electrifying.com, which has seen a surge in interest on its website.

Electrifying.com saw a 75% increase in searches on its website over the weekend. Google searches for electric cars also surged, showing a 300% increase during the same period.

The most popular car on its website in the last 48 hours is the new Kia EV6, according to the latest data.

While petrol and diesel are starting to run dry, the UK’s burgeoning electric car charging infrastructure is expected to remain resilient. Not only are charge point numbers increasing on traditional forecourts,  but Electrifying.com released a study last week revealing the nation’s best supermarkets for electric car charge points, with Tesco coming out on top.

Ginny Buckley, founder of Electrifying.com, said: “The fuel shortages we are seeing this week feels like a throwback to a previous era – there is no doubt the future is electric.

“It is only natural that even staunch advocates of petrol and diesel vehicles are probably considering making the switch to an electric car. Our website is certainly seeing a significant surge in interest.

“We hope the current fuel shortages aren’t too disruptive, and we sympathise with anyone who has been inconvenienced, but we believe this increased interest in electric cars will be around long after the queues have started to die down at the filling stations. Our Beginners’ Guide to Going Electric is the ideal starting place for anyone who wants to learn about how to make the transition and likes the idea of charging from the comfort of their own home.”

As consumers look for value, many of the searches on the Electrifying.com site were for cars under £35,000, the threshold for the government grant towards the cost of the vehicle.