FairCharge launches guide to debunk EV misinformation


EV campaign group, FairCharge, has published an EV guide with the aim of countering electric vehicle myths, misunderstanding and misinformation, laying down facts.

The 21 most embedded myths – everything from EVs catch fire more often than combustion cars, to mining battery metals is environmentally worse than extracting and burning oil – are factually rebutted using data sources from around the world.

Written in conjunction with the RAC, and supported by FullyCharged Live, Stop Burning Stuff, Charge Safe and RechargeUK, hard copies will be available to visitors at the FairCharge stand at the Everything Electric Show, Excel Centre, London, 28-30 April. Free downloadable copies will be available after the show.

FairCharge founder, Quentin Willson: “So many myths and misunderstandings have built up around EVs and electrification that we thought we’d publish a handy guide to help separate fact from fiction. Some of the more outrageous myths are actually putting private buyers off electric cars. Last week someone told me that they would never buy an EV because he’d heard that ‘old batteries are being thrown into the sea.”

RAC head of policy Simon Williams: “There are far too many myths in circulation hindering the take-up of EVs, so FairCharge’s work to dispel them is very welcome. We badly need these positive messages to be spread far and wide so they’re embedded in drivers’ minds ready for the next time they change vehicles. We will continue to support FairCharge’s work and propagate the truth about the many benefits EVs bring.”