BMW points system in PHEVs to encourage electric driving


BMW plug-in hybrid vehicle drivers will soon be able to benefit from digital service called BMW Points, which encourages drivers to use the vehicle in electric mode.

The BMW Points app motivates PHEV customers to get the most out of their electric drive. Miles covered using electric power are rewarded with points. High-voltage battery charging is also rewarded under the BMW Points scheme.

By collecting a sufficient number of points, participants can gain access to rewards such as free charging volumes on Charge Now. This will also include products of the Share Now and Park Now brands as well as those available in the Connected Drive Store.

The digital service BMW Points will be available for BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles with eDrive Zone technology from 2020.

What's more, BMW's plug-in hybrid vehicles will soon have the ability to detect if it is a zero emission zone and switch to electric power.

The system eDrive Zone will use geo-fencing technology to automatically switch to purely electric mode when entering a zero emission zone.

The function will be a standard feature in BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles as of 2020.