Dynamo to roll out all-electric cab across the UK


Dynamo Motor Company is set to roll out its all-electric Dynamo Taxi which has been developed in Coventry.

It has been created by the Dynamo Motor Company – a division of ADV Manufacturing – in conjunction with Nissan – and was unveiled at the Private Hire and Taxi Exhibition at the MK Arena in Milton Keynes last week.

The vehicle has been designed to be used in UK towns and cities and has a range of 100 miles between charges.

It can be re-charged in 30 minutes when using a Rapid Charge Post.

The five-seat Dynamo electric taxi also has full side wheelchair access.

Dynamo’s vehicle line-up also includes a London Taxi that, pending approvals, will comply with Transport For London’s stringent Conditions of Fitness as well as exceeding new zero emission capability legislation coming into force in January

Brendan O’Toole, chairman at Dynamo, said this was an exciting development in the move towards all-electric powertrains.

“We’re at the start of the biggest change in the motoring world since the era of Henry Ford because most of us will be driving electric vehicles in the future,” he said.

“This is a pioneering new chapter in motoring and, if anything, driver selection of electric cars will continue to accelerate since they provide zero emissions for the environment which is important as we all continue to learn more about the damage to our health from pollution.”

O’Toole continued: “We have spent several years developing the Dynamo Taxi and we are really proud of it. Our taxis are ideal for urban driving and we believe will play a leading role as regards electric vehicle adoption.”

The firm plans to start selling the all-electric cab in the Summer, with a London version set to be on sale in autumn.