Gasrec strengthens resilience of supply chain


Bio-LNG supplier Gasrec has announced several new deals to strengthen the resilience of its supply chain as the company prepares for considerable expansion over the next few years, with three new refuelling locations to open before the end of Q1 2024.
Earlier this year, the business reported an all-time sales spike for biomethane across the road transport sector, a trend which is expected to keep rising with more gas-powered trucks being put onto the UK’s roads than ever before.
To ensure it can meet those growing demands, Gasrec has signed a multi-year supply contract with a large UK-based LNG (liquified natural gas) wholesaler at Grain LNG. That deal complements the existing long-term agreement it has in place with the National Grid, which operates the facility on the Isle of Grain – the largest LNG terminal in Europe.
In addition, new agreements have been put in place with two other European LNG terminals – in Dunkirk, France and the Gate terminal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands – to ensure a constant supply of biomethane is always available to Gasrec’s expanding customer base.
James Westcott, Chief Commercial Officer at Gasrec, says: “Extensive work has been put in by our team to ensure we have the most robust supply chain of Bio-LNG of any gas supplier in the UK. The new contract at Grain LNG secures our main supply line, and having two now tried and tested back-up options at major European terminals means our customers will always have the gas they require to power their fleets – even during times of planned maintenance work at Grain.”
To move the increasing amount of Bio-LNG to its refuelling facilities across the country, Gasrec is also continuing to invest heavily in its cryogenic tanker fleet. The business currently has 15 tri-axle tankers on the road, each carrying up to 20 tonnes of Bio-LNG, with two more to follow before the end of the year.
The tankers work in tandem with Volvo FM LNG 6x2 tractor units, supplied by long-term haulage partner Reynolds Logistics, and are managed by Gasrec’s in-house fleet management team from the company’s Remote Monitoring Centre in Daventry.
A new long-term parking solution has also been agreed at Magna Park, near Lutterworth, ensuring the tankers have safe and secure storage space when they are not delivering product to its customers.
In addition, a long-term liquid nitrogen supply contract has been agreed with another UK-based wholesaler. Liquid Nitrogen is used to maintain the condition of LNG at some Gasrec facilities across the UK.
“Our network of biomethane refuelling centres is now up to 16, with three further sites set to open before the end of Q1 2024, in Didcot, Aylesbury and Dartford,” adds Westcott. “The demand for this cheaper and cleaner alternative to diesel has never been higher, and it is imperative that we have everything in place to make sure we can meet those rising demands over the coming years.”