Renault Group launches EV charging company in UK


Renault Group has announced the rollout of Mobilize Power Solutions in the UK, which provides companies the charging infrastructure for their electric and plug-in hybrid fleets.

Mobilize Power Solutions helps companies to implement or initiate their electric vehicle fleet projects by providing them with charging solutions. From consulting to design through to installation and operation of charging stations, Mobilize Power Solutions is involved in all stages of charging infrastructure projects, whilst integrating energy optimisation strategies, coupled with renewable energy.

The solutions offered by Mobilize Power Solutions are compatible with all types and brands of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This openness allows it work with all small and medium-sized companies and through to large groups that run corporate fleets. Mobilize Power Solutions also works with property companies, car parks, shopping centres and local authorities, which offer charging services to their customers or the general public. In addition, Mobilize Power Solutions can work on a white label basis for clients who wish to promote their own brand.

Mark Dickens, Managing Director of Mobilize Power Solutions, comments: “A robust and accessible electric vehicle charging infrastructure solution is vital to a businesses’ move to fully adopt a low pollution transport policy and reap the rewards of low cost driving. We are in a unique position to be part of Renault Group, which has over 10 years experience in electric mobility, and still be autonomous so that we can provide charging solutions across all brands and types of vehicles.”