Renault presents its Mégane eVision concept


Renault has unveiled its Mégane eVision concept, which has one of the thinnest batteries on the market and a new ultra-compact powertrain providing a more spacious interior layout.

Luca De Meo, CEO, Groupe Renault, said: “Thanks to our brand-new Alliance platform CMF-EV, we broke the rules of size, use, design and energy efficiency to imagine the Mégane eVision show-car. We fully leveraged the potential of pure electric platform to re-invent the classical hatchback in an emotional way. With the thinnest battery on the market, a 4.21-metre compact body offering the roominess of a C-segment vehicle, The Mégane eVision is a masterpiece of packaging. We took our 25-year best-seller and took it to the future. Mégane eVision reinvents Mégane, and Renault reinvents Renault. This is just the beginning; a whole new generation of innovation-packed electric vehicles is to come.”

The Mégane eVision represents Renault’s next steps in the future of electric mobility.

Part of this plan involves the development of smart charging solutions to support the stability of the electrical grid and reduce costs for owners. Charging will be triggered at the optimum time to avoid overloading the grid and promote the use of renewable energy. Also under development is vehicle to grid (V2G) technology that allows a parked vehicle to transfer excess energy from its battery to the grid.

The Mégane eVision – and the production car it previews – is the first Renault vehicle to make use of the new CMF-EV (Common Module Family – Electric Vehicle) platform.

This new platform was specifically designed by the Alliance and has been rigorously tested over three million kilometres in France and Japan. The future electric vehicles that will sit on this platform will benefit from innovations in energy management, interior space and the onboard experience. The CMF-EV platform accommodates a variety of vehicle bodies – from low saloons to larger SUVs – with different modular batteries can be fitted vertically and horizontally.

What will be consistent across all vehicles based on the CMF-EV platform is a flat floor, boosting interior practicality and modularity thanks to the lack of an exhaust system or standard transmission, making room for a more versatile cabin.

It is also modular in length with a wheelbase up to 2.77m available, offering vast scope for vehicles with more powerful batteries and longer driving range. The flexibility of the CMF-EV platform is further demonstrated by the ability to accommodate a second rear engine for more powerful four-wheel drive models.

The engine compartment is more compact when compared with traditional combustion-engined vehicles, enabling an extended wheelbase with wheels pushed further to the edges of the vehicle, resulting in a much roomier cabin environment as well as more aesthetic design.

Slimline batteries located beneath the floor of the vehicle ensure a low centre of gravity for a responsive and engaging driving experience, while the more powerful batteries enable a longer driving range and reduced charging times. An innovative feature of these newly designed batteries is that they are structural and form an integral part of the car, helping to absorb energy in the event of a side collision.

The production version of the Mégane eVision is set to be introduced in the UK in 2022.