Biogas double-decker bus trialled in Bristol


A double-decker bus powered by bio-methane is being trialled in Bristol by operator First West of England.

The trial is set to begin on 21 August and the new bus is expected to be 84 per cent cleaner than a Euro 5 diesel on well-to-wheel basis.

Biogas is set to be supplied by the Gas Alliance and will fuel the bus which has 70 seats, wheelchair space and standing room for 13.

James Freeman, managing director of First West of England, told Air Quality News: “We are immensely proud to bring this premium double decker to Bristol so soon after the manufacturers offered it to the market.

“Its low emissions and biogas credentials are just what is needed in a city that is faced with air quality challenges and increased congestion. This biogas bus helps to improve local air quality as it produces fewer emissions than traditional diesel engines.”