Octopus Energy and Omoda sign EV deal


Octopus Energy Group are offering electric Omoda drivers perks including specialist tariffs, roaming app, home chargers and leasing in a new deal.

The Chinese electric vehicle (EV) provider Omoda is the first car manufacturer to partner with Octopus across its entire EV repertoire.

Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles, commented: "We’ve entered the most exciting time for the UK electric car market, with new tech-enabled, green cars hitting our roads every month – offering drivers more choice, at a range of prices, mileage options and specs."

Octopus said drivers will be able to save more than £500 a year on fuel costs compared to a standard tariff by charging on ‘Intelligent Octopus Go.'

Customers on the tariff can set the time they want their car charged in their app, and Octopus’ ‘Kraken’ technology automatically optimises the charging schedule when it’s cheapest for customers and best for the grid. 

New Omodo drivers also benefit from Octopus’ EV roaming service, Octopus Electroverse. The ‘one card, one app’ model gives customers access to over 650,000 chargers across Europe.

Omoda, which is part of China’s largest car maker Chery, recently expanded into the UK with the launch of the Omoda 5 SUV.