DfT trials camera that identifies vehicles breaking noise limits


The government is testing a prototype noise camera that measures the sound levels of passing vehicles to detect those that are breaking the law on noise limits.

It could also help to catch those who rev car or motorcycles engines beyond legal limits.

Automated number plate recognition could then help enforce the law.

The pilot will take place at several locations over the next seven months.

All vehicles must legally meet strict noise limits before they are allowed on the road. Once a vehicle is in service, exhausts and silencers must by law be maintained in good working order and not altered to increase noise.

Currently, enforcement is mainly reactive and relies on subjective judgement. The trials of the new technology will determine whether the legal noise limit has been breached by taking into account the class and speed of the vehicle relative to the location of the noise camera.

If the trials are successful, recommendations will be made to further develop the system across the UK.