BVRLA Leasing Outlook report highlights uncertainty for sector


The BVRLA’s latest Leasing Outlook report highlights that while the sector remains agile, it is also seeking clarity around the impact of EU-Exit, the Coronavirus pandemic and the transition to zero-emission motoring.  

The report categorises this uncertainty into four broad themes: supply chains, Brexit, residual values, and liquidity.
Regarding supply chains, leasing companies are looking forward to a rebound in demand for fleet vehicles as the economy recovers but are concerned about the potential for extended lead times and the reputational damage that could ensue.

Regarding Brexit, the type of EU-Exit we get will have a huge impact on business confidence, lead times, the cost of new vehicles and the ease with which they can be moved around the UK and Europe.

Strong residual values have been one of the few positives in 2020, but leasing industry is concerned about the long-term economic impact of the pandemic and the used market’s capacity to absorb a large influx of electric vehicles.

Regarding liquidity, the financial and administrative burden of providing forbearance to those hit by the pandemic will last well into 2021 and there are signs that the supply of motor finance is also tightening.
As one senior leasing industry figure puts it: “We have experienced 20 years of change in six months… customers still have high expectations, but the challenges keep coming.”
Amidst this uncertainty, the latest Leasing Outlook forecasts where the market is heading in the first half of 2021. Members expect battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to hit 6% of the total lease car fleet by the middle of next year, with Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) hitting 9%. Petrol’s market share will begin to plateau at around 38%, with diesel’s market share slipping under 50% for the first time at 46%.
BVRLA members will get a chance to discuss the challenges facing the leasing sector at the association’s final Industry Outlook webinar of 2020. Taking place on Thursday 10th December at 11am, the event will begin with an EU Exit impact assessment from BVRLA Senior Policy Advisor Thomas McLennan. Delegates will then get the latest market insights from Cazana, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, LeasePlan, Select Car Leasing and Trackm8.