Industry calls for certainty with Plug-In Grants


The BVRLA has joined others in the industry to call upon the next government to pledge their continued support for the Plug-in Car and Van Grants.
The joint letter sent to the main party leaders says that it is vital that they provide future certainty around the status and lifespan of the vital Plug-In Car and Van Grants. Despite promises from all the main political parties to increase support for electric vehicles, none of their manifestos have explicitly pledged to continue the grant beyond 2020.
BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney said: “Waiting times for some of the most popular battery electric vehicles are already at nine or twelve months, and fleets need to know that the grant will still apply when the vehicle is delivered. Fleets are in a unique position to accelerate the shift to more sustainable road transport, but we need the right incentives in place and the Plug-In Grant is crucial.”

AA president, Edmund V King OBE said: “The next government must take the lead on averting the climate crisis and giving fleets tangible and long-term incentives to switch to EVs are essential catalysts for change. The cleaner company or fleet car of today soon becomes the greener used car of tomorrow.”