Veterans and ex-offenders targeted to tackle driver shortages


The DfT is supporting the Road to Logistics programme with £1 million to help avert the haulage industry's driver shortage crisis.

The programme aims to support those who may find it difficult to get permanent jobs, such as veterans, ex-offenders and the long-term unemployed, by putting them on a path to a career in transport.

The £1million funding from the DfT will enable logistics companies to run essential skills training for these groups, including within the prison system, and help the industry to solve a nationwide shortage of drivers.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: "Our dynamic road transport sector moves more than 1.4 billion tonnes of goods across the country every year, so we need to make sure it is fit for the future.

"Not only will this new programme help make this industry even stronger, but it will help pave the way for those who may be struggling to secure a permanent job and turn their lives around.

Founded by the Road Haulage Association and Microlise, Road to Logistics is a not-for-profit organisation open to all hauliers that will help them find new logistics professionals by offering support and training to those that struggling to find permanent employment.