Ford introduces automatic EV mode in PHEV Transit Custom


Ford is introducing geofencing technology to automatically switch its PHEV vans to emission-free electric mode whenever they enter predefined areas such as congestion and low emission zones.

Vehicle operators can also create custom “green zones” to encourage low-emission driving around locations such as schools, playgrounds and warehouses.

When the vehicle leaves a controlled zone, it can automatically switch to the most appropriate drive mode to complete the next leg of the journey – for example, engaging the onboard EcoBoost petrol engine to generate electric power and extend the vehicle’s range.

The Geofence module in the Transit PHEV records information about electric-only operation within geofenced areas. The encrypted data could then be securely shared with local authorities to confirm compliance with low-emission zone regulations and vehicle charging schemes.

A 13.6 kWh battery helps to deliver a zero-emission NEDC driving range of up to 35 miles NEDC for the Transit Custom PHEV. An onboard 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine can charge the battery on-demand to extend their range to more than 310 miles NEDC.