Temporary tariff changes on trucks and bioethanol


The government has announced changes to tariffs on lorries and bioethanol in the event of a no-deal Brexit, in an attempt to keep down prices after Britain leaves the EU.

It is understood the new HGV tariff will be 10%. It was set at between 10 and 22% in March when the schedule was first released.

Adjustments to the duty on bioethanol do not involve a change in cost, but instead the tariff will apply to a narrower range of fuels.

Trade Policy Minister Conor Burns said: "The UK will be leaving the EU on 31 October and we are working with businesses to ensure the UK is ready to trade from day one.

"Our temporary tariff regime will support the UK economy as a whole, helping British businesses to trade and opening up opportunities for business to import the best goods from around the world at the best prices for British consumers.

"The UK is a free trading nation and British business is in a strong position to compete in an open, free-trading environment."