VW’s mobility startup unveils electric ride-sharing concept


The mobility startup from the Volkswagen Group, MOIA, has debuted its fully electric car that is optimised for ride pooling services.

The electric car has space for up to six passengers to fit comfortably. The interior was designed to be spacious, with standalone seats, so that passengers who wish to have no contact with other passengers are comfortable onboard. The seats are equipped with dimmable reading lights and USB ports. Each car also offers fast WiFi for passengers.

Passengers can book and pay for a MOIA via an app, which shows which cars are available and how much the ride will cost before a customer books a trip. A pooling algorithm groups passengers with similar destinations together in order to increase the capacity for each car and to avoid detours. A driver app and comprehensive fleet management complete the system.

The MOIA is part of the company’s mission to take “one million cars off the road” and was launched at TechCrunch in Berlin.