Gasrec guide helps commercial fleets move to alternative fuels


Natural gas supplier Gasrec has published a guide to help commercial vehicle fleets when appointing a natural gas provider.
Titled 10 Tough Questions to Ask Your Commercial Vehicle Gas Provider, the guide is available to download from the Gasrec website and covers the important issues to consider when appointing a new fuel supplier.
Natural gas is becoming an important alternative for the UK transport sector, and several major commercial vehicle manufacturers – including IVECO, Scania and Volvo – have already made the move into gas, with others expected to follow.
James Westcott, Chief Commercial Officer at Gasrec says: “More and more fleets are seeing the undeniable benefits of natural gas over diesel. It’s cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable and we have no doubt it represents the best solution for the road transport industry today.
“However, we understand that any decision to change to a new fuel is a significant one, and that’s why we’ve published this guide. Hopefully it will help smooth the process and flag the important points to consider when selecting your next fuel supplier.”