Road-to-Zero Roundtable: North Central


GreenFleet’s roundtable on 5 October in Rotherham gathered a mix of fleet and industry professionals to discuss how organisations are progressing with their decarbonisation plans, and whether these have been altered now the end-date for new ICE vehicles has been delayed

The latest Greenfleet Roundtable took place at the Magna Science Adventure Centre in  Rotherham on 5 October to discuss progress on the road to zero. With expert opinion on hand from Allstar, Electrassure, The Grosvenor Group and Zemo Partnership, delegates discussed the recently announced 2035 ICE-vehicle ban, funding charging infrastructure and the importance of winning hearts and minds
Moving the ICE vehicle ban out to 2035 was one of the main topics discussed. Delegates agreed that while it may have created some breathing space for large van fleets, the overall feeling was that the announcement will not impact OEM plans or net zero targets. The emphasis is very much on the ZEV mandate that sets clear OEM targets for the sale of zero emission vehicles.
The discussion highlighted that funding of workplace and home charging infrastructure is a major barrier to electrification, as it’s difficult to secure the capex when many fleets under pressure to cut budgets. It was also raised that large fluctuations in fuel costs makes TCO calculations more difficult. Home charging was cited as the best value for fleets. Allstar estimated a saving of up to £2k per annum when comparing home to public charging. Electrassure recommend a click on/click off design that allows wallboxes to be removed if the employee moves, or leaves the company.
The viability of hydrogen as a fuel, vehicle-to-grid charging (V2G) and electric trucks were also discussed at the roundtable.

To see more of the discussion, view the roundtable video here.