Bike Shed unveils UK’s first ‘motorcycle-only’ EV charger


The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club has unveiled the UK’s first ‘motorcycle-only’ electric vehicle charger so that riders can park & charge their electric motorcycle when visiting the Bike Shed.

The 7kW EO Mini charger is free to use for any rider visiting the Bike Shed during opening hours and can be found on Zap Map, allowing electric motorcycle riders to plan a stop at the restaurant and motorcycle club as part of their recharge schedule.

Dutch van Someren, Founder of The Bike Shed London, said: “At the Bike Shed, we welcome everyone through our doors, whether bikers or non-bikers, petrol heads or electric riders. As the first venue in the UK to offer a charging station just for electric motorcycles, we hope to re-emphasise our inclusive approach. We look forward to seeing more electric motorcyclists at our venue and we encourage anyone with an interest in the biking scene to come and visit us at our Shoreditch home.”  

One of the brands leading the charge on two wheels is Zero Motorcycles, who earlier this year launched the 2020 SR/F – one of several new models with the ability to charge using a ‘Type 2’ charging cable (the most common public charging connection). The introduction of Zero’s fast charging option means that the SR/F, or models with a ‘Charge Tank’ option, can recharge to 95% in as little as one hour.

Miles Freeman, Head of Marketing at EO Charging, said: “Electric cars have hogged the media limelight for the last few years but now it’s time for electric motorcycles to take centre stage. There’s now a broad selection of models available that offer vastly improved range and earth shattering torque.”

“We believe that for electric motorcycles to succeed, it’s important that chargers are not only installed in key urban areas but also on the UK’s best riding roads. Electric adventures will soon be best served on two wheels!”