Ultra-rapid charge point installations grow 10% since October


According to the latest DfT quarterly statistics, the installation of the ultra-rapid electric vehicle devices increased by 10% in the past quarter,  accounting for 211 charging devices - although this is from a lower base than other categories.

However, ultra-rapid charging devices are still the smallest overall category with just 2,295 devices.

In the past year, the number of overall public EV charging devices has increased by 8,680, a 31% increase in the past year.

The number of rapid charging or above devices increased by 34%, with an additional 1,731 public devices installed.

Proportionately, the smallest increase in charging devices installations was in the slow charging devices categories, with an increase of 5% or 417 charging devices.

Fast charging devices are still the most common category to be publicly installed, growing by 8% or 1,509 devices.