DPD appoints Rolec for EV charging at its sites


Delivery firm DPD has appointed Rolec EV to design and provide a Smart electric vehicle charging network across over 60 of its sites nationwide.

DPD has announced that it is planning to add over 550 EVs to its fleet by 2021, and as a result is aiming to install in excess of 600 EV charging points across the UK to coincide with the arrival of this new fleet.

Mark Wilkes, Director of Technical Services for DPD UK, commented: “DPD has always had a strong and focused environmental philosophy and the introduction of hundreds of EVs into our fleet continues to emphasise the company’s desire to minimise its impact on the environment.

“DPD’s aim is to be the most responsible city centre delivery company in the UK and we are fully behind the electric vehicle revolution that is taking place at this very moment.

“Having undertaken significant EV charge point manufacturer research, along with a comprehensive due diligence process, we are delighted to have appointed Rolec EV as our electric vehicle charge point partner.

“The initial rollout of charge points across our network has gone very smoothly and we are now looking to significantly increase EV charge point deployment across the UK over the next 12 months to coincide with the delivery of our new EV fleet.”

MD of Rolec EV, Kieron Alsop, commented: “We are delighted to have been chosen by DPD to design and roll out our EV GroupManager system across its 60-strong network of UK distribution centres.

“EV GroupManager is a cloud based back office smart system that works in conjunction with Rolec’s EV SecuriCharge charging units, and the pre-issued EV driver RFID keyfob. This system then enables DPD to monitor and record all EV charging activity, historical data, and vehicle migration across its 60 sites - and feed this information back to its HQ for analytic evaluation.”

Kieron continued: “Having already deployed a significant number of EV charge points across DPD’s distribution network we are continuing to work closely with their management and engineering departments to further increase and strengthen their EV charging network.”