IVECO and Nikola unveil electric and hydrogen fuel cell HGVs


Iveco and Nikola Corporation have launched two new zero emission heavy duty trucks at IAA 2022; the Nikola Tre battery-electric vehicle, and the Nikola Tre fuel cell electric vehicle. 

The Nikola Tre BEV Artic 4x2 has a wheelbase of 4.021 mm, features 9 batteries with a total energy storage up to 738 kWh, which delivers a range of approximately 310 miles. Charging (10-90% SOC)  takes around 162 minutes, with a 175 kW charger. Charging up to 350 kW is expected later this year. With a total 738 kWh of energy and the 480 kW continuous power of the FPT Industrial e-Axle, it has the power, torque and range to perform applications such as hub to-hub deliveries and regional haulage – and its mileage can be extended with opportunity charging. 

The Nikola Tre FCEV Artic 6x2 has a wheelbase of 3.932 mm, and can accommodate approximately 70 usable kilograms of hydrogen at 700-bar pressure. This capacity, together with its fast-refuelling time of just under 20 minutes, enables a range of up to 497 miles. The Nikola Tre FCEV is expected to enter the European market in 2024.

The Nikola Tre platform is based on the successful IVECO S-WAY truck and features an electric axle co-designed and produced by FPT Industrial, and Nikola’s advanced electric technology. The IVECO and Nikola teams adopted a modular approach to this platform so that it’s capable of hosting both battery and fuel-cell propulsion technologies - an industry first which is paving the way for the development of their electric offering for the European market.