EV barometer shows disparity in attitudes to going electric


Image credit: Europcar.

Varying attitudes between private drivers and those who drive for work to electric vehicles (EVs) have been revealed in new research from Europcar.

Quarterly results from the Europcar Mobility Group UK electric vehicle (EV) barometer show that infrastructure and cost are significantly bigger challenges for private drivers than for company drivers. 

Those who drive for work believe the lack of model options and vehicle availability are bigger issues for their employers.

In Q1 2024, almost two in three private drivers surveyed by Europcar were put off making the switch by the purchase and maintenance costs, and half saw the lack of charging infrastructure as a barrier. 

In contrast, 40 per cent and 34 per cent of company car drivers, respectively, said these barriers are holding employers back from switching to a more sustainable fleet. 
“It is perhaps unsurprising that cost is less of an issue for fleets, who secure and maintain vehicles at trade rates, while private drivers use savings or personal finance options,” commented Tom Middleditch, head of electric mobility at Europcar. 

“However, it is notable that cost is still an issue for a high proportion of businesses.
“Charging infrastructure has a bad reputation, however the network is growing rapidly across the UK and although it remains a real concern for business and private drivers, our data suggests it is less significant than upfront and maintenance costs.”
The other big hurdle is knowledge. More than one in five private and business drivers (23% each) admit to a lack of knowledge around EV driving and ownership, highlighting the urgent need for driver and fleet manager education around the options and practicalities of zero emissions mobility.