Free parking permits issued for low-emission vehicles in Gloucester


Over 100 free parking permits have been issued for low-emission vehicles in Gloucestershire as part of a move to encourage the uptake of less polluting vehicles.

Owners of cars under the tax band category of A - notably electric cars - can receive the free parking permits, which has been implemented for over a year.

The offer applies only for the first permit.

According to the Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, the move was proposed by the Liberal Democrats in February last year.

Lib Dem spokesperson for health, councillor Iain Dobie, commented: “We are extremely pleased that our initiative to encourage take-up of non-polluting cars in the county has benefitted over 100 people who are now in receipt of a free parking permit.

"Encouraging ownership of low-emission vehicles by providing free permits at a very minimal cost surely must be seen as a good thing."