Range anxiety still a barrier to EV adoption, Venson survey reveals


A new survey by Venson Automotive Solutions has revealed that the UK’s charging infrastructure is still a concern for 69% of company car drivers, despite them understanding the benefits of EVs and having a wider understanding of the practicalities of owning one.

Limited battery range was cited as a barrier for 57% of those surveyed.

86% of motorists surveyed said that a ‘lack of clarity in terms of ownership implications as a company car driver’ is a thing of the past, and more than two thirds of drivers said that they had a good understanding of the costs and convenience of owning an EV.

Dealerships are also making it easier for fleet managers to promote a charge towards electric - only 13% of motorists cited lack of ‘try before you buy’ options as an obstacle to purchase and only 5% of people surveyed said they are worried about manufacturer lead times in acquiring an EV. All food for thought for fleet managers.

Alison Bell, Marketing Director at Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “Whilst our survey findings confirm a greater willingness by company car drivers to adapt to an EV world, there are still some ownership concerns. 41% of people we surveyed expressed concern over the practicalities of being able to charge their vehicle at home. And 30% said they had concerns over service, maintenance and repair costs.”

Fleet managers can download the Venson Automotive Solutions ‘Plug-In Vehicle Guide’ for free which answers the key questions that are creating barriers to drivers considering a plug-in car.