London boroughs delivered over 3,000 on-street charge points


London boroughs have delivered more than 3,000 on-street charge points in residential areas, enabling Londoners to make the switch to electric vehicles.

This makes up nearly half of the 6,500 charge point devices delivered across the capital in the last two years, with delivery propelled through the Go Ultra Low City Scheme (GULCS).

The GULCS London programme has provided boroughs with more than £7 million funding for the delivery of charge points in residential areas and is managed by London Councils, the Mayor and TfL.

Charge points in residential areas have targeted locations where residents don’t have access to off-street parking where they could install their own private charge point. These charge points provide a slow charge (up to 7kWh) which is most suited to overnight charging whilst a vehicle is parked.

The capital hasplans to install another 1,000 on-street residential charge points in the next six months.

The GULCS programme has also supported the delivery of 300 rapid charge points across the capital. Delivery of these charge points completed at the end of 2020 through a programme managed by TfL in partnership with the London boroughs.

Mayor Philip Glanville, chair of London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee, said: “London’s air quality continues to be a major public health issue, leading to the deaths of thousands of Londoners each year. It is imperative we make it easier for people to reduce harmful vehicle tailpipe emissions and ultimately improve London’s air quality. London boroughs are working incredibly hard alongside our partners to provide greener transport alternatives across the capital, focusing on distributing charge points fairly so they are accessible to all Londoners. As part of this I am delighted that boroughs have delivered 3,000 on-street residential charge points across London, with the prospect of many more to come.

“Extensive investment in London’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure is essential to making Londoners, and the businesses we depend on, feel confident in making the switch to electric. London is leading the way in electric vehicle charging infrastructure with nearly a quarter of all charge point devices in the UK located in the capital. With the expansion of ULEZ later this year creating another incentive, boroughs are gearing up to help even more people make the transition choose a less polluting vehicle. If you are considering switching to a cleaner, greener electric vehicle, find out if there are charge points available where you live and feel free to contact your council to suggest helpful locations for further installs.”