Framework to ensure road projects protect the environment


The government has unveiled an updated framework with measures to protect the environment in new major road, rail, and rail freight schemes.

The framework has been updated to reflect legislation set out in the Environment Act, which requires developers to recognise new environmental targets and sets out further details on biodiversity net gains. The new framework also recognises the proposed environmental outcome reports, allowing the government to set clear and tangible environmental outcomes against which transport schemes are assessed.

A consultation has been launched on an updated national networks national policy statement (NNNPS) with measures to require developers of new road, rail and rail freight schemes to show how they meet environmental targets, consider biodiversity net gains and the impact of their proposals on carbon emissions.

The consultation is seeking views on an updated framework used by developers and the government when developing major road, rail and freight schemes.

The updated framework supports plans recently set out by the government to ensure the planning system can speed up the delivery of major infrastructure by making the system greener, faster and more resilient. The consultation will run for 12 weeks until 6 June 2023.