Mercedes reveals pricing and specs for new eSprinter


Mercedes-Benz has revealed that its large electric van eSprinter is priced from £51,950, excluding VAT and OLEV grant, and will be offered exclusively in the PROGRESSIVE trim.

The eSprinter has a range of up to 96 miles and comes in two variants, one offering standard DC 20kW fast charging meaning vehicle can be charged in 120 mins 10-80%, the other Dc 80kW charging meaning it can be charged in 30 mins 10-80%

In addition, the eSprinter recovers energy when the vehicle is decelerating. Drivers can adjust the recuperation mode with the gearshift paddles and the greater the recuperation, the faster the vehicle decelerate.

As standard, the eSprinter includes a heated seat for the driver with armrest, dual passenger seat, comfort overhead control panel, a full-width partition, height and rake adjustable steering wheel, TEMPMATIC air conditioning, wooden floor, a mode 3 type 2 eight-meter charging cable, linear speed limiter 120km/h, headlight assistant, heat-insulating glass, and 270-degree double-wing rear-end doors. In addition to DAB radio, the Mercedes-Benz audio system comes with a Bluetooth® interface with hands-free function and a USB port.

The eSprinter’s safety features include Active Brake ASSIST, Attention ASSIST, Crosswind ASSIST and Emergency eCall, and offers double locks and Thatcham Category 1 approved alarm as standard, along with remote locking, theft warning alerts and geo-fencing, thanks to Mercedes PRO connect.

Mercedes PRO connect, which is free for the first two years, ensures real-time vehicle management that enables intelligently organised schedules, efficient  route mapping, and assesses the battery charge levels and range of an entire fleet at a glance. The remote eCharging function enables drivers to programme cooling or heating while their van is still charging, to ensure optimal comfort from the moment they step in the vehicle while conserving battery and maximising driving range.

The Always Connected Package from Mercedes PRO connect, which is standard on the eSprinter, includes Simplified Fleet Communication, Optimised Assistance, Digital Records, Efficiency Fleet Management, Driving Style Analysis, Mobile Vehicle Assess and Digital eVan Management.

Eligible for a government OLEV grant of up to £8,000, the eSprinter is also eligible for Transport for London’s scrappage scheme and exempt from ULEZ charges.

Offering a range of up to 96 miles, Mercedes-Benz research shows that the average daily van mileage across Europe is 60 miles - 1.6 million journeys have been analysed anonymously on the EQ Ready app to date and 96% of all journeys recorded were shorter than 100km – the eSprinter is therefore ideal for applications including last mile delivery and urban operations.