Project to deploy hydrogen refuelling stations and trucks


The H2Accelerate collaboration has secured funding for the deployment of eight heavy-duty hydrogen refuelling stations and the testing of 150 fuel cell trucks.

These projects will enable trucks and refuelling equipment to be tested under real-world conditions, and are expected to be a crucial step towards the mass commercialisation of the technology.

The project, which involves Daimler Truck, Volvo Group, and Iveco Group, will see the deployment of 150 fuel cell trucks across Europe by the mid-to-late 2020s, allowing development of the technology towards series manufacturing of the vehicles in the second half of the decade. The trucks to be deployed in the first stage are expected to be either 4x2 or 6x2, with up to 44 tonne capacity and long ranges of at least 600km.

The €30M funding from the Clean Hydrogen Partnership will enable the coordinated roll-out of heavy-duty, zero-emission vehicles fuelled by green hydrogen, bringing zero emission targets for transport closer. The trucks will be deployed with customers of the OEMs and tested in real world conditions over several years.

Results from the project will be used to set the scene for large scale fuel cell truck deployment in the coming years.

H2Accelerate Inaugural Station Deployment will support hydrogen trucks with a preliminary network of eight high-capacity, high reliability hydrogen refuelling stations

Each station will have higher capacity (>1 tonne/day) than any public stations currently in operation and aim for ultra-high levels of availability through the use of N+1 redundancy in station design. Stations will be positioned along key TEN-T transport corridors, allowing easy access for truck end users driving on major highways.