Volkswagen Financial Services launches EV Maturity Tool


Volkswagen Financial Services' fleet devision has launched an EV Maturity Tool, designed to help fleet managers assess how far along they are in their journey to an electric fleet.
The company's customer advisory board; a roundtable of existing customers including Manchester United FC and Eddie Stobart, found that many businesses feel uncertain and often overwhelmed when it comes to whether they’re ready to switch to EV, if at all. The board also found that many customers thought they stood at a different stage in their EV journey compared to how ready they were in reality, and needed more guidance from their leasing company.
The EV Maturity Tool helps fleet managers self-assess how ready they are to switch engine type against a series of categories including vehicle, infrastructure and cost readiness. Rather than simply being either ready or not, the maturity of a fleet is assessed across all the key areas in terms of strengths and developments.
The tool starts by asking users to estimate where they are on a scale of being ready for EV. Users are then taken through a series of questions including the number of vehicles, availability of a suitable electric vehicle, eligibility for the Government’s Plug-in Car or Van grant, whether the candidate has carried out a whole-life cost analysis, and training opportunities for drivers.
At the end, users are presented with their actual position on the maturity scale, as well as their progress in five areas of readiness; overall, driver, vehicle, infrastructure, and cost. Finally, they are presented with a series of resources depending on the identified areas in need of development.

This announcement is the third in a series of tools, following The Future Fleet Analysis tool and the EV-4-ME? tool.
Tom Brewer, Head of Sales and Marketing at VWFS | Fleet, commented; “We understand the pressure on fleets to consider switching to EV but with so many factors to consider, it can be overwhelming and often a costly decision that many fleet managers don’t feel able to make. Through our EV consideration hub, a growing suite of online tools and a team of experts we are here to support fleet operators, VWFS customers or not, feel confident in making the right decisions for the short and long term.”