Evolt launches Dynamic Load Management system


Evolt Charging has launched a new Dynamic Load Management (DLM) system to optimise the distribution of energy between its EV chargers.

This enables charge point operators (CPOs) to install additional rapid and ultra-rapid charging units at existing sites without the need to secure additional energy capacity.
By optimising power distribution, charging speeds are maximised, waiting times are reduced and the overall customer experience of using the CPO’s network is improved.
Anne Buckingham, Managing Director of Evolt Charging: “With more than one million fully electric cars, vans and taxis on UK roads, and the increasing demand and greater availability of electric models, it is no wonder CPOs want to follow a new strategy of reviewing and expanding existing charging facilities.
“It was rare early on for there to be more than three or four at each location but with more EVs on the road there is now greater demand, and CPOs want to avoid drivers having to wait – or worse, going somewhere else. Our new DLM system gives them the key to unlock the potential of existing sites without the pain and cost of securing additional power from the grid.”
When it comes to simultaneous EV charging, the DLM system optimises the power distribution from all of the chargers on the local network based on vehicle demand. This demand can vary significantly depending on each vehicle’s maximum charge rate and battery percentage when charging. The DLM systems recognises unused capacity at one charger and distributes it to another, allowing other vehicles to charge at an optimal rate.
The DLM system manages the energy load of Evolt’s chargers dynamically, prioritising the DC over AC products to ensure efficient charging for drivers. Evolt’s DLM system can also be integrated with building energy management systems so that surplus energy – from across the wider site – can be shared with the EV charging infrastructure when it isn’t required.
Anne says the DLM solution is perfect for existing EV charging sites: “We know CPOs want to develop and expand upon existing sites but the need to increase power capacity – and the costs and times its takes to do so – can be a significant barrier to adding more chargers, or to upgrading from AC to DC units. But that no longer needs to be the case and we are looking forward to working with our CPO customers on some existing projects, and to support their growth plans.”