New dynamic purchasing system for alternatively fuelled vehicles


YPO has launched a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for the procurement of alternatively fuelled vehicles for the public sector, and will enable the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles on a larger scale than ever before.

The DPS has an estimated value of £1 billion, with 32 suppliers currently available and more due to be added during the life of the framework. The suppliers offer a wide range of vehicles for procurement including electric vans, electric street sweepers, electrified refuse lorries and e-scooters. A large portion of the vehicles available via the framework are electrically charged, and there are a selection of vehicles which run on alternative fuels such as biomethane, hydrogen, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Operating a DPS rather than a procurement framework allows local authorities, blue light, and education sectors to acquire the latest vehicle technology as it comes to market. Greater procurement flexibility also enables public sector organisations to purchase from local suppliers where possible, keeping social value central to procurement.

Gavin Rimmington, Head of Public Sector at YPO said: “We are pleased to have officially opened up the DPS to the public sector and are proud to be offering a compliant route for organisations to invest in alternatively fuelled vehicles on the scale that is needed to make a difference to reducing emissions in our communities.

“The range and depth of suppliers accessible through the system is excellent, and we’re proud to be able to make them so readily available to the organisations that need them.

“The DPS was designed so that positive changes can be made quickly, and so that the public sector can keep up with the national shift away from petrol and diesel, in line with technological advances in the alternative fuel industry.”

The updated forecast highlights the speed at which barriers to purchase are being removed via Government funding for vehicles and infrastructure, alongside an increase in confidence that electric vehicles can deliver the needs of consumers and businesses alike.