Ricardo re-thinks business travel as part of Net Zero strategy


Ricardo plc has committed to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions from its operations by the end of calendar year 2030.

As part of this, the company is putting in place ‘digital-first’ strategy to avoid unnecessary business travel, and using the most energy-efficient means of where such journeys are essential.

Other strategies include maximising use of renewable energy and making more energy- and space-efficient use of its commercial property portfolio as more flexible office working is implemented.

Ricardo CEO Dave Shemmans commented “I am delighted that we are able to give a public commitment to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions from our operations for 2030.There is an increasing need for companies to contribute to the global effort to achieve the Paris Agreement targets, and I hope others will follow.

"We have continued to deliver on our environmental commitments whilst responding to the challenges of Covid-19. From these challenges we have gained additional insights, particularly related to the application of our ‘digital-first’ strategy, which has been instrumental to our management of operations through the pandemic as well as resulting in a reduction in travel. In air travel in particular, the past year has seen our carbon footprint reduce by a full two thirds. The Net Zero commitment being made by Ricardo today thus firmly underscores our guiding ethos of creating a more sustainable world that is fully fit for the future.”