Lex Autolease pledges net zero fleet emissions by 2030


Lex Autolease has announced that it has joined the EV100 initiative, with a commitment to achieving net zero emissions across its customer fleet of approximately 350,000 vehicles by 2030. Its parent company Lloyds Banking Group will also convert its own commercial fleet of 4,000 vehicles to electric and will continue work already underway to install charging points in all staff car parks by 2030.
The business’s drive towards increasing EV take-up is a key part of Lloyds Banking Group’s recently-announced sustainability pledge, namely to cut carbon by more than 50 per cent in the next decade through products and services to support green finance, making it easier for its customers to invest in sustainable operations in the process.
Lex Autolease offered £1,000 cashback against the first 1,000 EV orders made in 2019, with more than 83% going to fleets and generating demand which outstripped the orders that qualified for cashback. It has also recently piloted a programme in partnership with the Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking SME division upskilling commercial relationship managers in the East of England into EV advocates and equipping them with the knowledge to help businesses transition towards zero-emission transport.

Richard Jones, managing director of Motor Finance and Leasing at Lloyds Banking Group, said: “Sustainability is core to the vision we have for our business. As the market leader in leasing and funding vehicles for consumers and businesses we have a critical role to play in supporting the UK’s sustainability ambitions. Providing insight and expertise for businesses with fleets of all sizes is one part of how we will help.
“Last year we made strong progress towards helping our customers be more sustainable and signing up to EV100 is proof of our determination to continue over the long term. Our business customers have an important role to play in meeting the government’s ambitious climate change targets and we’re uniquely placed to help them make the switch. Through these commitments we are also helping to signal the UK as an attractive destination for electric vehicles in the global context.”