Lightfoot 'lottery' rewards safest and greenest drivers


Lightfoot has launched The Drivers’ Lottery, a new cash-prize initiative that will give business drivers a one in seven chance of winning anything from £2 to £100 every week for driving in a safe and fuel-efficient manner.
Free to enter, drivers can opt in to The Drivers’ Lottery as soon as they achieve Lightfoot’s ‘elite driver’ standard, the level at which drivers cut fuel use and emissions by up to 20%, and the risk of accidents by up to 40%.
Designed to encourage drivers to adopt safer, more efficient driving behaviours, The Drivers’ Lottery - like The National Lottery, Postcode Lottery and Health Lottery - supports good causes aligned to road safety and reducing air pollution, including Devon-based charity, The Honest Truth.
Lightfoot’s founder and CEO, Mark Roberts, comments: “We believe that good drivers deserve recognition and rewards. Based on over a billion miles of driving data, we know that Lightfoot has been proven to be the fastest and most effective way of changing driving styles in fleets and has a greater impact than buying a brand-new hybrid or electric vehicle”.
Lightfoot’s Head of Growth, David Nicholls, added: “Fleet drivers typically get little or no feedback from traditional telematics technologies, which rely on fleet managers interpreting performance data and then communicating this with their drivers. All too often this requires extensive and time-onerous data-crunching and often results in the ‘stick approach’, where drivers are warned or penalised for inefficient or dangerous driving, and have to undergo costly training.  That’s demotivating, and often ineffective.
“At Lightfoot, our experience is that drivers respond far better to reward. That’s why we created our in-cab, in-the-moment technology that guides and enables drivers to win whilst becoming smoother, safer and better drivers. Lightfoot does this through a mix of visual and audible alerts from its dashboard display, guiding drivers to a better, safer, more efficient style of driving, which saves up to 20% on fuel cost.”