Top three EV charging networks revealed in Zap-Map survey


The EV charging networks with the highest levels of user satisfaction have been revealed as Tesla, InstaVolt, and Pod Point, according to the latest Zap Map EV Charging survey.

More than 1,500 Zap Map users responded to the survey and were asked to rate EV charging networks according to the quality of service from a list of the most well-known charging UK operators.

Tesla took the top spot, with more than 93% of drivers using Tesla Superchargers reported being ‘very satisfied’ and 3% ‘somewhat satisfied’ with the experience. Tesla impressed for its reliability, national coverage and often tariff-free charging.

In second place, InstaVolt had 88% of the network’s users being ‘satisfied’ with the charging experience (65% ‘very satisfied’ and 22% ‘somewhat satisfied’). Respondents report ease-of- use and contactless card payment among the most positive aspects of the service.

Third place is Pod Point, whose popular UK-wide network includes a range of slow, fast and rapid charge devices. With more than 700 of the survey sample using the network, 82% were either ‘very satisfied’ (50%) or ‘somewhat satisfied’ (32%) when accessing and charging their EV on one of Pod Point’s units, with many users citing their simple operation.

Commenting on the survey, Dr Ben Lane, CTO and co-founder of Zap-Map, noted that: “EV drivers are acutely aware of the different levels of service offered by UK charging networks and have strong opinions as to what constitutes a high-quality charging experience.

“While comparing networks is complex due to differences in the services offered, Zap-Map’s survey shows that EV drivers value charge point reliability and ease-of-use, competitive pricing on a per kWh basis and, for rapids, contactless card operation. The network satisfaction survey confirms that networks employing these key elements are more highly-rated by EV drivers.”