Bus service connecting rural community goes electric


Holderness Area Rural Transport (H.A.R.T.) has taken delivery of a new Mellor Orion E electric bus as part of their service that connects the rural community.

The all electric, fully low floor bus was commissioned by H.A.R.T. as a joint venture between E.ON and Leader (Rural Development Programme for England funded by the European Union and UK Government.)

Caroline Wegrzyn, Manager at H.A.R.T, said: “This vehicle will be running on rural routes where electric vehicles are being tested and infrastructure is not as advanced as urban areas.

“This is our first Mellor bus in a varied fleet of 10 vehicles. The Orion E will be driven by volunteers, transporting members of the community for shopping trips and days out. The opportunity of running an all-electric vehicle offered financial and environmental advantages.”

The aim of Leader is to utilise the potential of the rural economy to stimulate innovation and growth. Investment to the causes it supports improves economic performance and social and environmental sustainability.

Jane Dransfield, Area Sales Manager for Mellor, said: “It’s great welcoming H.A.R.T. to the Mellor family and we trust that drivers and passengers alike will be impressed by its performance, a comfortable ride and quiet, zero-emission operation.”