First lamppost EV charge points installed in London

News has partnered with Southwark Council to launch the first public lamppost electric vehicle (EV) charge points in London, which tap into the street-lighting network. will install 50 open-access public charge points in two areas of Southwark: Borough & Bankside, and Dulwich, catering for the charging needs of residents without off-street parking and EV drivers visiting the area.

The first open publicly-accessible EV lamppost charge point in London is now live on Holmdene Avenue in Herne Hill for EV drivers to charge. Southwark Council plans to roll-out the remaining units within the next few months, supported by funding from the Go Ultra Low City Scheme (GULCS), which aims to improve air quality across the capital. does not require users to have an RFID smartcard, membership, or a special cable to charge. Users plug a standard (Type 2) charging cable into the unit and enter the location of the unit into their device’s browser to begin charging, or simply visit the charge point’s dedicated URL.

Charging is activated via any smartphone’s browser application, which processes tariffs, payments and enables EV motorists to find their nearest point. EV drivers can sign-up at, and choose the flexible membership tariff that best suits their needs, including ‘pay-as-you-charge’ options and several package tariffs.