GreenFleet 100 Most Influential


The GreenFleet team has cast its mind back over the last year and filtered out the top names that we feel have had the most impact on shaping the low-carbon transport industry.

The GF 100 Most Influential list is made up of individuals for central and local government, industry associations, fleet managers, charities, car manufacturers, and businesses that supply the sector. What ties them together is their contribution to making the fleet and motoring industry more environmentally-friendly.

This year saw us wish we could go beyond one hundred, as we were impressed with the individuals striving to clean up road transport emissions and air quality.

There are 29 new entrants; many are winners or commended individuals from our GreenFleet Awards past and present, people that we have met during our events across the country, or industry figures that contribute to the magazine.

Accommodating so many new people has meant some considerable movement on the list, with many climbing, many
dropping and some leaving the list – for this year anyway.

New to the top ten is the BEIS’s Claire Perry who has responsibility for government’s Industrial Strategy and international climate change, meaning her role often crosses over into the green side of transport.

GreenFleet’s 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award winner Matthew Eastwood also joins the list for the first time. Following an impressive career focusing on sustainable transport, he now oversees all transport
activities across the Energy Saving Trust, delivering substantial programmes on sustainable transport and vehicle charging infrastructure.

2018 was a challenging year for fleets, caused by uncertainty from Brexit, WLTP and the demonisation of diesel. And so it is great to see that despite this backdrop, there are so many committed individuals that are achieving great things.

Congratulations to those on the list. For consideration on next year’s list, upload your nominations to

See the list here: