Morgan Sindall Infrastructure uses Juice Technology to speed up fleet electrification and streamline the transition

Company Focus

The company has chosen the 22 kW Juice Booster 2 portable charging station to kit out its EV depots across the country

One of the UK’s leading infrastructure companies, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, is committed to converting its entire fleet of vehicles to all-electric vehicles by 2030 in order to reduce the environmental impact of their use. Since the company adopted a hybrid and full EV car policy, all their colleagues drive electric or hybrid cars. In addition, the company is now increasingly switching its commercial vehicles over: the company manages a total fleet of 450 commercial vehicles and around 700 company cars involved in the infrastructure business, of which fifty percent are already electric. The rest are set to make the switch in the next three years.

Rising to the challenge with Juice Technology as a partner

Managing the fleet can be challenging due to the limited range of some commercial vehicles. Slow charging in addition to a lack of charging points in the public network puts the brakes on workers’ day-to-day activities. How can a company combine its business, focused on building infrastructure, with sustainable mobility?

Due to the nature of its business delivering some of the UK’s most important and critical infrastructure, the company felt the need to independently manage the charging process for vehicles involved in infrastructure activities at its own sites, where it would like to install charging points that are available to drivers. Morgan Sindall Infrastructure needs a simple and flexible charging solution in order to supply the various electric vehicles at its sites throughout the UK with electricity. Juice Technology will supply Juice Booster 2 charging stations to support the British company in achieving its business goals by giving the EV fleet access to energy anywhere, any time.

Portable chargers bridge gaps in the charging network

The Juice Booster 2 is a 22 kW portable charging station, designed for maximum flexibility and safety throughout the charging process. Thanks to a number of different adapters, it facilitates EV charging wherever power is available, whether at a public charging station or elsewhere. In addition to this, the technology in the charging station allows EV drivers to safely take advantage of maximum charging speed. Simply locate a socket and plug the cable in. Whatever the connection type, this portable device will automatically adjust to the correct configuration and start charging. Taken together, these factors make the Juice Booster 2 the perfect solution for Morgan Sindall Infrastructure. The company has yet to find another product which is so flexible and easy to use, and above all with the ability to adapt to different types of vehicles and to situations in which it is not always possible to rely on public charging stations: charging infrastructure is still expanding and has not yet reached the expected efficiency.

It also provides a wealth of options in terms of connections and different adaptors, depending on the site power generator or changes during the life of the project. Charging processes on work sites, where three-phase electric power is usually available, can take advantage of the full potential of a 22 kW charging station and bring the charging time down as much as possible, even with AC power.

With its Juice Booster 2 portable charging station, Juice Technology is now helping to streamline the company’s transition to electric, making this process smoother for everyone involved. Portable chargers bridge gaps in the charging network by enabling users to charge wherever their car is parked, providing access to energy whether public charging stations are available or not. Increasing use of units like these can make the transition to electric mobility faster, smoother, more flexible, and more economical.

Juice Booster 2: a single solution for every situation

Jonathan Hall, Plant & Transport Director at Magnor Plant Hire Ltd explains: “A temporary charging solution is beneficial because installing fixed charging points would be expensive given our sites are only set up for the duration of the project. The Juice Booster 2 makes it far easier to change the number of charging points and it provides a wealth of options in terms of connections and different adaptors. The big advantage is the flexibility to rapidly increase and reduce the charging capacity, which is something that really makes a difference because our people will move across to another project as soon as the current project winds up. Compared to other solutions, this system is very simple and straightforward, it absolutely fills the gap in the market in terms of what we are looking for”.

Juice Technology has always developed its charging solutions from the user’s perspective. The Swiss producer believes that electricity is available everywhere, you just need to make it accessible. This is what Juice Booster 2 does, helping to make the transition to electric mobility faster, more flexible, and more economical.

Always staying one step ahead with innovative technology

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure is already looking to the future and has its sights set on the next level: a device equipped with back-end software to enable monitoring and use of the logs. “We are excited to see what other innovations Juice Technology will come up with in this sector. In Juice Technology, we see the possibility of relying on a partner which is always capable of providing innovative solutions compared to other competitors on the market. That’s what we call added value,” Hall added, “because we always want to stay ahead of the game when it comes to innovation”.