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Who are we?
Our company, Licence Check Ltd, is committed to improving driver risk processes and has been for more than 14 years. Efficiency, sustainability and safety are the core values that underpin our platform.

Our service has evolved beyond licence checking with the introduction of DAVIS (Driver and Vehicle Information Solutions), our cloud-based software that brings driver and vehicle risk management together in a single platform.

What makes DAVIS better than the rest? Flexibility, simplicity, automation and the ability to customise settings, processes and workflows to suit a company’s fleet strategy. Through smart analysis and measurement, DAVIS shines a light on risk and presents it in a simple, yet actionable way. Each DAVIS service has a whole host of benefits enabling clients to maximise efficiency, minimise risk and navigate to a more sustainable fleet.

What do we do?
DAVIS is an automated, flexible modular system enabling you to manage and mitigate driver and vehicle risk by automating processes, performing essential checks and providing you with all the data you need to manage your drivers and fleet. DAVIS is the number one licence checking provider in the UK, based on figures released by the DVLA.

What modules do we offer?

Licence Check
Our licence checking solution provides you with instantaneous, risk profiled licence results, helping you identify your highest risk drivers for closer monitoring and more frequent checks. Take the worry out of driver licence checking with automated checks on an employee’s driving licence with specific parameters set by you. Licence checking is becoming increasingly important for businesses with employees that drive on work-related business – DAVIS makes the driver licence checking process simple, with a slick, quick and easy to use system.

Grey Fleet
Our Grey Fleet solution checks the MOT and tax status of employee-owned vehicles that are driven for work purposes, as per duty of care obligations. We’re also able to check an individual’s insurance policy to confirm business miles are covered. The DAVIS Grey Fleet Management solution allows companies to easily manage their drivers and vehicles, reducing corporate risk and keeping businesses on the right side of the law. Grey Fleet Management is essential for organisations with employees that drive their own vehicles on work-related business. This could be a Sales rep that drives regularly to client sites, or an office staff member who occasionally drives to the Post Office for work – both are classed as business drivers and they, and the vehicles they’re driving need to be checked accordingly.

Fleet+ manages fleet vehicle compliance, leased/owned/rental lifecycles (including renewals and orders), fleet cost, fuel usage, accident recording and measures mileage and CO² usage. Fleet+ is a self-serve, digital fleet management platform which consolidates big data and includes smart fleet analysis and highly visual dashboards. The platform provides real time data for smarter management of owned, leased and rental vehicles.

DAVIS E-Learning provides educational content to your drivers to improve attitude and behaviour, to help improve road safety by reducing the number of accidents, minimising fleet costs in the process. Access to the learning hub is entirely digital so provides flexibility for those working remotely. Once invited, employees will take an initial assessment to determine the driving areas requiring further training, following which a series of online training modules will be prescribed for the employee to complete the learning journey.

Driver Audit
Our driver audit completes a thorough risk review of your employees and their driving patterns. DAVIS Driver Audit is the very first step in identifying and qualifying the occupational driving risk within your business. Utilising a simple survey to audit your employees/contractors, you’ll gain accurate and up to date information about their driving patterns. Following completion of Driver Audit, our team can determine which checks should be carried out and when, to ensure your company is addressing its duty of care and most importantly doing the necessary checks to improve driver and public safety.

Why do you need us?
It’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure that anyone driving for work has had the necessary driver and vehicle checks, as part of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. If an accident occurs whilst an employee is driving for work, liability can fall upon the organisation and its directors. Is a forgotten check really worth the risk?

We help to keep your business safe.

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